Many people believe that visiting an online casino is a prestigious, expensive, and VIP  experience only. And that’s not quite correct. The beauty of online casinos is in its accessibility. BetChan Canada is one of those platforms that busts the myth of a gambling platform being too good for ordinary people. It is also wrong to claim that gambling at a gaming institution is difficult and that it’s impossible to make money. Casinos can be defeated if you don’t make any mistakes. We’ll go through the three most crucial mistakes that players make.

Lack of Knowledge About the Variance Level of a Slot Machine

Most online casino visitors assume that all they need to know to win a certain slot is the game’s payout %. In reality, you should know the amount of its variance in addition to this parameter. The term “varience” was introduced to the world of gambling thanks to mathematical statistics. It describes the quantity and frequency of payments. To put it another way, variance determines the game’s level of risk.

And if you can discover the number of payouts at the casino or on the developer’s website, you won’t be able to find the amount of variance the same way. It’s a well guarded secret. However, a variety of indirect signals can be used to identify this value. You will need the following items to complete this task:

  • Play the slot machine for free or with no deposit bonuses. Certain statistics will be collected after hundreds of rotations. It must be dismantled. If the reward combos dropped out frequently but were little in size, the dispersion level of this slot machine is low. And vice versa, if the wins were uncommon but significant — the level of risk on this slot is enormous.
  • Examine the payoff differences for 3, 4, and 5 character combinations. You can win on this slot machine if their differences are small.
  • Find out if the game has a “wild” symbol and how it behaves. If it fills the full screen when it occurs, it indicates that prize combos will be produced frequently. Examine the jackpot prize amount. The larger it gets, the more difficult it will be to win in this gambling game. This is especially true if the major reward is determined via a progressive approach.

Tip: In addition to learning about variance, you should play for free on online slot machines to enhance your professionalism and gain self-control.

Passion for Bonuses

Every online casino has its unique technique for attracting new customers. This might be a deposit doubling upon registration or a casino bonus for depositing money in a specified method. Sometimes it could be a very unusual cash back offer that guarantees the restoration of a portion of the loss, or a casino no deposit bonus. 

However, you must exercise extreme caution while accepting rewards and presents since their usage is governed by a particular condition – a wager. And it is possible that refusing the bonus will be more accurate than accepting it.


These societal schemes deny beginner players a chance to win. It is impossible to outperform the casino, they say. That’s what a person full of stereotypes says. However, it somehow worked out fot that the player who won the jackpot of 17.9 million euros on January 13, 2013. He won a jackpot with a NetEnt Mega Fortune slot machine. 

In 2012, Antonio Esfandiari won $18.3 million in a Rio Casino poker event. He became a professional and turned his desire for adventure into a large sum of money. To defeat an online casino, you just need to understand how to improve your odds of winning.

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