But there are not only disadvantages here… it’s a market that like any other also has its advantages… this is an easier market to work with than an Asian handicap, for example, you can have several guidelines here to make a bet…

Especially when there is a very high need for some team, and then the bettor must see which has more value, shots on goal of the team or shots on goal of the player, both have their advantages and disadvantages to place a bet.

How To Analyze Teams/Player For Shots On Goal

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Analysis to place a bet on TEAM shots on goal:

  • First factor is need (Need Factor in Betting), a team with high need it will have to adopt a very offensive style of play which will make it easier to get in shots on goal. Teams without needs are bad to enter any market that is depending on that team to achieve success in betting.
  • The second factor is to look and evaluate the statistical data of this team in recent games, such as shots on goal and dangerous attacks – Statistics in sports betting… this factor serves to interpret whether the team has quality and is used to create offensive plays, etc…. trying to understand this is essential to place a bet. Teams that adopt a defensive style of play or do not usually shoot at the goal is not interesting to place a bet on this market.

Analysis to place a bet on shots on goal PLAYER:

  • The first factor is to seek to know if the player is a fundamental piece in the team (Weight of key players in the analysis of a soccer game
  • If the player is not of great importance in the squad is complicated. I particularly have lost bets countless times in the beginning of my career as a bettor, by betting on this market without evaluating it… what happened was that a player was constantly being replaced, so my bet was already gone, so knowing if the player is important in the game plan of the team for the match is fundamental to place a bet.
  • The second factor is to look at the average shots on goal of the player, this is the main aspect next to the importance of the player in the squad, knowing the average goals of a player to work in this market is essential, because in this sense we can extract from the data if the player imposes himself in the game, is offensive and wants to score goals all the time.

Advantages And Devantages

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Advantages: It is a market with many scenarios to work with, consequently it is a market that offers many excellent opportunities to place a bet.

For example, in a match between Real Madrid X Liverpool in the Champions League, the odds for the money line market or for the goal difference, whether it is an advantage or a disadvantage, known as Asian handicap, may be very fair, but that doesn’t prevent it from having no value in the market of shots on goal.

This market usually offers more opportunities than the main markets… those known as “professional” markets… Much due to the circumstances of the game, in which the team without the ball does not want to concede a goal, so it is positioned so as not to let its opponent shoot at goal.

While the team with the ball has as its main objective to shoot at the goal, that’s why there are several scenarios to enter this market, unlike moneyline and Asian handicap markets that are usually fairer.

Disadvantages: Because it is a market with more opportunities, there is less control of some variables, and because of that it is a little more volatile, the limits for this market are not so high. This is one of the main disadvantages of this market.

Another disadvantage is that there is not this market for shots on goal available in Asian bookmakers, so after a while the bettor’s account is limited, if he is profitable of course.

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