When I started in sports betting, around 2014/2015, the offer of betting sites was already huge, which left me completely lost as to which bookmaker to use to make my entries.

Promotional campaigns came flooding into my email inbox, which made the decision even more difficult. Until I started to research a little more on the subject and realized that the betting bonuses and promotions varied a lot from house to house. I remember that this made me ask the following question: “how can I evaluate if a sportsbook bonus is good or not?

I had this question in my mind for a long time, only getting a conclusive answer when Aposta Ganha gave me the mission to write reviews of betting sites.

After a while, I became immersed again in this extremely competitive and competitive market that is the sportsbooks.

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Types Of Bonuses


Before explaining which are the main issues to be analyzed, it is necessary to highlight the main differences between the three most popular types of bonuses offered by sports betting sites. The most common of all is the welcome bonus, which offers a capital increase proportional to the amount of your first deposit on the platform.

The second most popular bonus offered by betting sites is the free bet bonus (also called freebets), where you make your first deposit on the platform and are entitled to place a risk-free bet. If you lose, your invested money is returned to your account.

The third, and perhaps less common, is the bonus without the need for a first deposit. In this promotion, increasingly rare these days, the customer wins an amount to bet without the need for a counterpart.

Rollover Period

Betting Bonuses tips

Having understood what rollover is and how it works, we now come to the crucial point of this article. It is important to keep maximum attention to what will be discussed here about the rollover deadline, minimum odds and market limitations. If you want more information see: How Odds Work in Sports Betting

Minimum Odds

Another point that we need to be very aware is in relation to the minimum odds for compliance with the rollover bonus. There are houses, such as bet365, which require bets made at minimum odds of @1.20 – a very low odd for market standards – to fulfill the bonus.

However, there are bookmakers that require bets to be placed at much higher minimum odds, such as Parimatch.

Market Limitation

Finally, it is of paramount importance to be aware of market limitations when it comes to rollover compliance. There are bookmakers that limit markets that do not count for rollover, such as the Asian handicap market and the Overs and Unders market.

In other houses, it is necessary to place multiple bets to meet the rollover requirement. As we know, multiple bets are not indicated bets and usually lead bettors to ruin.

Therefore, it is important to keep an eye on the regulations and find out what the market limitations are for fulfilling the welcome bonus rollovers. The fewer the limitations, the better for the bettors.

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