This strategy is similar to the over 2.5 strategy.

If you want to hope to make some winnings using this market you need to examine the probability that both teams score.

The goal-no-goal strategy being very popular is often used by so called tipsters or websites that present the statistics of the teams in play.

It can be very useful for you to look at the data on the Internet and decide which matches to focus on to make your goal no goal or goal bet.

How to win a goal no goal bet?

Goal Betting

All you have to do is find a match where two teams face each other that like to score a lot and that maybe have some little difficulties in the defensive phase.

The odds rightly might not be very high but you might have more chances of winning.

So you can choose matches where the market for both teams to score is 1.40 or 1.50 and add these selections to your multiple bets or otherwise you can go for those matches that might turn out to be surprises with teams with few goals.

For example, you could pick teams that usually score a lot but haven’t been in great form in recent weeks.

Recent form is essentially the most important thing you need to look at in case of goal not goal bets.

Normally the odds will be adjusted based on past games and fitness and often you might find value in it.

Remember to always check for injured or disqualified players before placing your bet both teams score.

The absence of one or more key players and could mean a radical change in calculating the probability of it being a multi-goal game or not. 

Head-to-head statistics are also something to consider. It may happen that a team that scores a lot has a particularly unprolific history against today’s opponent. In this case the odds would be higher than necessary.

How The Goal No Goal Bet Works

The goal no goal bet or also called both teams score means that you have to verify that both teams in the match score at least one goal by the end of regular time.

Pretty simple right? Probably one of the reasons why it has become a very popular type of betting.

However, the fact remains that some bettors can get a bit confused, especially with the no-goal option.

Other types of goal no goal bets


Both teams score in both halves

Both teams must score at least one goal each in both halves of the game.

As you can understand this is a very complicated market that will present odds that can range from 15 to 30+.

Some bookmakers may sometimes also offer the alternative of both teams score in the first half or both teams score in the second half.

Goal No Goal + 1×2

This is the classic combo bet that is most commonly used by bettors.

It requires you to guess both if both teams will score or not and who will win the game or if it will be a draw.

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