For some years now we hear more and more talk about virtual betting and virtual sports but not many really understand what it refers to when addressing this topic.

Above all, it is not so easy to understand the mechanisms of this new practice for those who are accustomed to consider only real sports as sports.

The subject of virtual betting, and even more so that of virtual sports, is very interesting and offers a multitude of new ideas for bettors, below we will try to clarify the point.

What are they and how to play virtual betting?

When we talk about betting on virtual sports we refer to a particular type of fixed odds bet on simulated events, whose images are transmitted in real time by the operator who quotes the event.

It will be necessary for first thing to choose the discipline on which you want to bet, you will make then the bets on the event of our choice and then you assist to the simulation of the race.

Usually the simulation lasts a time between 90 and 120 seconds while between an event and the other, which is the period that you have available to place bets, usually the time is contained in no more than 3 minutes.

The outcome of the simulations and therefore of the virtual bets is determined in a completely random way by an ADM certified extraction. In practice everything runs thanks to a software generator of pseudo-random numbers (RNG), held at the national totalizer.

In short, the whole process is absolutely guaranteed just like other systems that use RNG in online games and slots for example.

The odds are calculated in such a way that competitors with higher odds of winning have lower odds than those with lower odds of winning.

In this type of betting it is possible to place single or multiple bets whose minimum stake is 50 cents, with a minimum bet of 1.00 dollars and the maximum payout of 10,000 dollars. As for the Payout we talk about 90% of the bets.

What sports are there for virtual betting?

Virtual betting tips

The variety of sports on offer is practically endless: soccer, motor racing, horse racing, cycling, tennis, darts, cricket, archery, table tennis, badminton…

Soccer is undoubtedly the undisputed king of this market and in fact it covers over 70% of the share. What these virtual sports like so much is undoubtedly the possibility of immersing oneself in realistic scenarios in which the results arrive in a very short time.

These are the requirements that have also created the success of managerial games that have so much appeal to audiences around the world.

What kind of virtual bets are there?

Virtual football

Let’s take soccer as an example to explain what kind of virtual bets can be placed in this area because, as already mentioned, this sport is the absolute king of virtual sports.

Just as in real soccer, in virtual soccer you have a rather wide range of predictions on which to place your bets:

  • Bet on the final outcome (known to most as 1X 2): provides the possibility of betting on the final result of each game: victory of the home team, draw or victory of the visiting team
  • Exact result bet: one of the most difficult bets that does not need particular explanations
  • Double chance bet: here you bet on 1X, X2 or 12, that is you can predict that at the end of the match the home team will win or draw (double chance in bet) or the visiting team (double chance out bet), or that one of the two teams will win excluding the draw (double chance in/out bet)
  • Final result bet with goal / no goal: here the classic 1X2 bet, in regular time, is added to the prediction if both teams will score at least one goal or less.
  • Under / Over bet: in this case you bet on whether the number of goals will be above or below a limit preset by the bookmaker.
  • Multigoal bet: with this bet you are going to indicate the range in which the total number of goals realized will be included.
  • Multiple bet: With this type of bet you can bet on multiple matches with a single virtual slip.

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