Let’s start by saying that there are three ways to beat bookmakers (besides having dumb luck or fixing games).

Matched betting is one of them, but unlike the other two, it is the only one that is safe and the only one that is not considered gambling.

It is basically a scientific method of exploiting promotions to earn withdrawable money. The fact that you need to bet or play at the casino is a secondary aspect. The odds of winning are not due to chance but mathematically calculated.

Let’s see in detail what are these ways:

Value Bets

Bookmakers tips

Of the value bets I talked about it in a video that you can watch here.

In a few words it means beating the bank, predicting better than the bookie, i.e. betting on those odds that in our opinion are higher than they should be.

In the long run it basically means being better than the bookmaker.

This is very difficult because you start at a disadvantage! To make you understand, usually if we take the best odds of any soccer match between the different operators and add their percentages (1/quote), these give a total percentage higher than 100%. In simple terms it means that to win $100 for sure, betting on all possible outcomes, we should bet more, thus always losing.

Therefore, it is already not easy to find valuable odds and predict better than those who do it for a living with very expensive tools, we must also deal with the crest that the bookmaker makes every time he publishes the odds.


Going back to our earlier percentages, refereeing means finding lines under 100% and practically winning whatever the outcome of the match.

In addition to being a very rare eventuality, it is necessary to constantly monitor the odds, even through dedicated software (eg SureBet).

It is also very risky because a lot of capital is needed and it could happen that, once the bet has been placed on a sign, on that other book the odds change or there is no availability to accept the amount we want and need to bet.

In addition, the betting operators understand who is doing this game and they limit the account until they practically block it.

Matched Betting

Matched Betting

The third way is Matched Betting, that is to systematically take advantage of all the bonuses and promotions that are offered to us by betting companies especially online and try to clean up these bonuses and take them home.

What is it?

Matched Betting is an earning technique used to profit from free bets and bonuses offered by bookmakers. It is a method of turning freebets and welcome offers from online bookmakers into real money.

It can be done by anyone who is able to open an online betting account.

This is very popular in the United Kingdom where it is used not only by sports fans but is equally popular among students, mothers, unemployed, entrepreneurs as a means to earn money from home. In Italy it is still a relatively new topic, which is one of the reasons why many people still don’t trust it, but it is growing in popularity as people realize its potential.

It is not necessary to have any knowledge of sports or betting to do matched betting. The outcome of the event is irrelevant, so no prior knowledge of the sport is necessary.

In addition, matched betting is completely legal, tax-free and betting operators don’t notice… It’s true that bookmakers close or limit the accounts of winning players, but there are legitimate ways to keep your account open.

Another thing to keep in mind is that you need some initial money on a payment method such as credit or debit card, PayPal or wire transfer to start getting bonuses and cover qualifying bets. This is essentially the only hurdle you have, but it is necessary to place the required bets to unlock the free bonuses.

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